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Who Are The River Runners?

   We are The Shubenacadie River Runners. We are the premium tidal rafting operation located at the mouth of the Shubenacadie River in Maitland, Nova Scotia. We have a breath taking view of the upper Bay of Fundy. We will open your eyes to the Bay of Fundy’s history and incredible natural forces.


   00950023We offer both a 2 hour and a 3 1/2 hour ride on the tide. Your adventure begins when you board our Zodiacs with the anticipation of the Tidal Bore, the first wave of the incoming tidal surge. This bore may reach 1-10 feet in height depending on tidal and channel conditions. Our skilled guides ride the crest of this wave for approximately 1/2 mile up river. The passing of the famous “Tidal Bore” signals the start of 8-10 sets of natural sand rapids which cover huge expanses of sand bars along a 10 mile stretch of the Shubenacadie River. Our larger, quieter motors allow for more passes through each set of these rapids. Following this exhilarating adventure you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this fascinating area during the 20 minute cruise back to home base. Our knowledgeable guides will answer any questions you may have.


   We provide full rain gear, rubber boots and Personal Floatation Devices (PFD’S). Enough full floatation suits are available for everyone, so there is never a need for a chilly trip.


   SHUBENACADIE RIVER RUNNERS is committed to providing a safe, exciting and high quality trip equipped with all necessary safety gear. We realize discounting quality and safety will never work. We pride ourselves on providing the best maintained fleet of 16 ft, self bailing Futura Zodiacs; with stern mounted consoles and 60 HP Mercury four stroke outboards. We are committed to providing the best guides possible. This means years of no lost trips due to mechanical breakdown!

   Tidal bore rafting from May to September is our main objective. We also charter our Zodiacs for geological surveys of the Upper Bay of Fundy and the Shubenacadie River. This assures that our guides are on the water more than any other local guides giving them unmatched, multi-season experience and full knowledge of Fundy’s awesome tidal forces.


   Choosing Shubenacadie River Runners will ensure you an unforgettable experience with a well-maintained powerful fleet and the industries, leading guides. Comparing our professionalism to other local companies is like comparing apples to oranges.


   Once again thank you for inquiring about Shubenacadie River Runners. We look forward to providing you with your “Ultimate experience” this season.

What is a Tidal Bore?

   The Bay of Fundy is home to the highest tides in the world, creating the Shubenacadie River’s Tidal Bore – a natural phenomenon seen in very few parts of the world.00600015

   The tide enters at its widest point and the water literally “piles up” as it flows up the bay. At the very head of the bay this advancing tide becomes a wave, varying from just a ripple to several feet in height. This wave – referred to as the Tidal Bore – continues into and up the Shubenacadie River. Thus, we have the phenomenon of a river changing its flow before your very eyes, created by the tidal wave, or bore, flowing in OVER the outgoing river water.



Safety First!


We are proud to offer years of accident and injury-free service. We strive to provide the safest trip possible and our safety record shows it. But rafting is not without risk. We will require everyone to sign a liability release form prior to participating in any trip.


You’ll Work Up An Appetite!

00950092A mouth-watering barbecued steak, salad, rolls, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate is included in our full day rafting package to quell the appetite of rafters after they have experienced this tremendous tidal ride of a lifetime! 


The Roar of the Bore!


Ride one of the most powerful bodies of water in the world! We offer a unique rafting experience in our powered Zodiacs. We will meet and ride the bore – chasing, surfing and jumping this tidal surge! After the initial wave passes, sandbars (they are 20 – 100 acres) are engulfed by the tide water rushing inland creating tidal rapids, whirlpools, cross – currents and eddies which last for 3 hours. We make several passes through each set of rapids. Our trips are narrated by experienced guides explaining local history and geology. As well, Bald Eagles are a common site along the river. Our rafting trips last from 2 to 3 1/2 hours and are considered very safe due to lack of rocks in the river. Guests need no prior experience. No paddling required.


At our on-site gift shop

  • T-shirts
  • Ball caps
  • Eyeglass retainers
  • Postcards
  • Books
  • Gift certificates
  • Snack food
  • Pop
  • More!
   River Runners is located within walking distance of a museum, restaurants, a picnic park, playground, basketball court, a tidal bore observation deck, specialty shops and a convenience store.

Reservations – Call 1-800-856-5061 to book today!

   Summertime is busy time on the river. Because of that, reservations for rafting are recommended and we suggest you make them early to receive the dates you prefer. Reservations can be made with VISA or MASTERCARD. Cancellations for a full refund is offered up to 7 days prior to departure, 14 days prior to departure for groups of 8 or more. Reservations and cancellations made within the 7/14 days of the trip date are only refundable if you have a documented medical emergency. Refunds will not be given to no-shows.